Wylding Hall

Top 5 Scary Videos Wants a Wylding Hall Movie

Wylding Hall comes in at number one on this list of “Scary Books That Should Be Turned Into Horror Movies” by Top 5 Scary Videos. Host Lucy McPhee calls the book “truly terrifying” and says a film could stand together with other haunted house tales like The Woman in Black and The Haunting of Hill House.

Watch the Wylding Hall section below and then head over to YouTube to watch the entire rundown, which includes books by Paul Tremblay, Nick Cutter, John Langan, and Chuck Palahniuk.

Tor.com Calls Wylding Hall "An Under-appreciated Gem"

A few months ago, Emily Hughes included Wylding Hall in a “best folk horror” edition of her fantastic Nightmare Fuel newsletter. Now she has written an article of horror recommendations “for all tolerance levels” at Tor.com and includes Wylding Hall as a “medium tolerance” read for fans of films like Jordan Peele’s Get Out and Us.

This short, engrossing novel is an under-appreciated gem, and the perfect creepy October read…

This book is tense and creepy throughout, but there’s one culminating scare that I still find myself thinking about when I’m staring at the ceiling at 3am.

See the entire (excellent!) list at Tor.com.

Locus Magazine talks to Elizabeth about Wylding Hall, Hard Light and unresolved endings


Locus Magazine has posted select excerpts of their October 2015 print edition interview with Elizabeth on their website. She discusses the several incarnations of Wylding Hall, how the troubled history of British folk band Fairport Convention inspired her, and how the novella’s quiet horrors play out in daylight.

Just because you’re young and really stoned and in a weird creepy place, that doesn’t mean something really weird and creepy isn’t actually happening. I like the notion, too, that you don’t know you’ve seen a ghost until afterward. There’s an Edith Wharton story called ‘Afterward’. Somebody saw something, or they didn’t see something, and then later on they put it together and realized they had seen a ghost. I wanted to play with that, the idea of sunlit horror. Most of Wylding Hall takes place during the day.

She also touches on drawing from her earlier supernatural novels in the writing of Hard Light, the third Cass Neary book, as well as teasing the fourth, The Book of Lamps and Banners.

Read more excerpts at Locus.