Writing, Punk & Inexplicable Experiences: Elizabeth Hand on This Is Horror Podcast

Elizabeth joined the crew at the This Is Horror Podcast to discuss her first experiences with story, writers that had an effect on her, the punk scene’s influence on her writing, Wylding Hall, PS Publishing—the famous U.K. indie genre publisher—and much more. The interview is split into two parts:

TIH 273: Elizabeth Hand on Creative Writing, Life Lessons, and the Seventies Punk Scene

The Lineup Podcast Play podcast Three Glowing Lights - Episode 6

In this episode we join author Elizabeth Hand in the snow-covered fields of upstate New York where one childhood ritual at twilight awakens a strange presence in the woods. Afterward, we sit down with Elizabeth to discuss the experience and its impact on her life and work.[x_audio_embed][/x_audio_embed]