From Elizabeth Hand, one of America’s leading literary fantasists, comes a collection of extraordinary novellas of damnation and dark revelation, epiphany and redemption. Written in the author’s characteristic poetic prose, and rich with the detail of lives traumatic yet luminously transformed, these stories form a remarkable tapestry interweaving the supernatural and the mundane. “Cleopatra Brimstone” — a young woman’s obsession with winged insects achieves a dangerous climax in the streets and nightclubs of London’s Camden Town. “Pavane for a Prince of the Air” — a reflection on death and attendant neo-pagan rituals commits a much-loved soul to something other than eternal rest. “Chip Crockett’s Christmas Carol” — the strange innocence of old TV shows mysteriously redeems existence in the bleak and haunted present. And appearing here for the first time in print, “The Least Trumps” — a lonely woman sees the world anew through the intricacies of tattooing and the complex symbolism of a most unusual Tarot deck.

AWARDS: 2001 World Fantasy Award nomination (“Chip Crockett’s Christmas Carol”), 2002 World Fantasy Award nominee (“Cleopatra Brimstone”), 2002 International Horror Guild Award winner (“Cleopatra Brimstone”), 2003 World Fantasy Award nominee (“The Least Trumps”), 2003 International Horror Guild Award winner (“Pavane for a Prince of the Air”), 2004 World Fantasy Award winner, 2004 Bram Stoker Award nominee, 2004 International Horror Guild Awards nominee


I emerged from Bibliomancy with my mind full of colors. You do not find this sort of cohesion, this linguistic inevitability, except in the very best writing.
— Lucius Shepard, from the Introduction
Bibliomancy offers the heartening sight of a gifted writer really hitting her stride. Elizabeth Hand has always been an ambitious, intelligent writer, but she seems to be working at a higher level than ever before.
— Locus